Large Vintage Suitcases

Suitcases make a great prop for adding a touch of vintage to your wedding or event.  Stack them as a display, put your cake on top, put flowers in a partly opened suitcase, use it for guests’ to put their cards in … so many uses.

I have three large suitcases:

Large Beige & Brown Suitcase (LS1):  A large trunk-like suitcase with wooden strapping and metal corner protectors and a smart check interior.

Large Beige Suitcase (LS2):  This large suitcase is a colour that is difficult to describe – a beigey green.  It was owned by a Mr Hunt from Tarvin, Chester and dates from 1963.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a handle but it still makes a good display piece and is large enough to take cards and presents, if required.

Large Leather Suitcase (LS3):  A lovely, timeworn suitcase, with original shipping labels.  Unfortunately, the inside is not in brilliant condition, so it is only suitable for display and not cards.


Suitcase code

LS1, LS2, LS3

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